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RK Mortgage Group is a leader in condo financing. We offer very exclusive product options for condos, whether they meet Fannie Mae’s guidelines or not. We can get you into a qualified condo with as little as 5% down. Benefit from our experience in getting you the best Condo financing at a lower rate.

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Owning a Florida condo as a primary residence, second home or investment property can make a dream come true. A home with an oceanfront view of the beach offers more appeal to many homeowners than a house. Living in a condominium makes life easy in many ways, but one obstacle can prevent the dream from coming true. With no access to bank loans, borrowers need to find a lender who can offer practical alternatives. Current condo mortgage rates can make a purchase attractive to buyers.

Enjoying a Condo Lifestyle

The amenities in some condominiums can make owning one seem similar to going on a resort vacation. Access to a swimming pool without having to clean it regularly or hire a pool worker appeals to busy people. Some condos offer a gym, party room or theater area as well. With affordable condo mortgage rates, buyers can move into a dream home with a payment that replaces a rent check.

One reason that makes condos popular with many homeowners is the freedom to enjoy activities without having to provide maintenance for them. Someone else does the tasks that no one likes to do, such as mowing the lawn or repairing a walkway. Monthly fees provide these services, but they do much more.

By law, some of the fees must go into a reserve fund that provides major repairs without requiring additional funds from owners. The cost of repairing windows or putting on a new roof in a house falls entirely on the owner, but condo living allows residents to share expenses to provide upkeep for the building. Investment mortgage rates invite investors to choose a beachfront property on Florida’s 1,350 miles of coastline.

Benefiting from Condo Advantages

Living in a condo allows residents to defray costs of upkeep by sharing many of the maintenance expenditures that occur to any home. Mortgage rates for second home condo can open the way to enjoying Florida living when it is too cold everywhere else. The privileges of ownership extend to residents who prefer to avoid paying rent on a property. Many developments focus on providing a lifestyle that appeals to young professionals, families or retirees. The available options allow owners to have socializing opportunities with neighbors who share similar interests. 

Investment interest rate for condo mortgage gives owners advantages of ownership while renting or leasing the property to someone else. Shopping for lenders lets owners compare rates to find the one that matches personal preferences. The interest rate for a mortgage may vary by lender.

Preserving Independence

With the opportunity to choose a one-bedroom dwelling or the same number of bedrooms and bathrooms as a stand-alone house, owners get cost-saving benefits. Prices may vary by area, and some buildings may offer greater affordability than others, but they are often the most practical option. Current rates put dream properties within reach.

Proximity to a job, public transportation, cultural activities and restaurants offers advantages that suburban subdivisions cannot equal. Buildings usually offer more security and protection than owners of houses can afford, and many have secure entrances that may include the services of a doorman or guard. Coming home to a secure building after a night out or a business trip gives owners peace of mind as well as an essential sense of security.

Choosing a Knowledgeable Lender

Applicants for a mortgage may get a surprise in finding that it can present more complex requirements than buying a villa, townhouse or stand-alone residence. Shopping for a lender who can offer the most competitive rates is only part of the solution to purchasing a home. Knowledge of Florida condo association regulations can guide new owners through transactions that differ from typical mortgage deals. An FHA-approved mortgage can enable a buyer to own a primary residence with a 3.5 percent down payment.

Understanding Mortgage Rates in Florida 

The minimum down payment for a primary residence limited review condo without Fannie May approval is 10 percent and 25 percent for a second home down payment. A financing specialist can explain the mortgage process details that buyers need to understand. Most lenders in Florida use the limited review process that costs less and takes less time than a full review in case any flaws show up in an association’s financial reports. The process requires no questionnaire or budget review, and it offers buyers the best way to get a mortgage without Fannie Mae approval.

Starting the Application Process

Some factors can influence mortgage rate interest, and buyers have a quick way to find out how much a credit score matters. Mortgage professionals offer access to prospective owners around the clock, helping each one achieve a dream of having a home or investment property in Florida. In about two minutes, buyers can reply to a few questions with no obligation and without affecting a credit rating. Expert advisors guide first-time buyers as well as experienced investors through the process.

Taking Action to Make a Dream Come True

Borrowers who have no access to bank loans can still realize a dream of owning a Florida condo. With the right mortgage on an investment property, primary home or secondary home, owners can enjoy occupancy all year or an occasional vacation. A lender who offers the best condo mortgage rates has the interests of buyers at heart and enjoys helping applicants achieve financial goals. The realization of a dream that starts with affordable mortgage rates can lead to an enjoyable Florida lifestyle.