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Hard Money Loans are an alternative form of lending for investors who don’t fit traditional lending criteria. We offer Hard Money programs at some of the industry’s lowest rates to individuals, corporate entities, and foreign nationals. Because these loans can be executed so quickly, they can be used to bail out a borrower who has attempted to go a traditional route and are in danger of losing their purchase contract.

Visit our No Income Verification Program for an alternative to hard money.

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Where Do You Get Hard Money Loan?

Hard money and private lending is a critical cog in the wheel of investment real estate. Without hard money lending real estate values overall can falter as fewer homes are available for sale. Especially so here in Florida. Yet because private investors issue hard money loans it can be a challenge at times to find these types of financing. Most mortgage companies don’t offer them as well. You can do your own research on the internet and while you’ll get some results you don’t know if the lender is experienced in your area or hasn’t established a solid reputation in the lending industry. For example, if you’re searching for a hard money loan in Miami, Florida you want to work with someone who knows Miami, Florida and not work with someone out of state or even several time zones away.

Hard money lenders are able to set their own internal lending guidelines and do not have to conform to restrictions set by other lending instructions. Hard money lending is truly “common sense” lending in that the hard money lender is able to see the entire picture and visualize the scenario in its finished state. Hard money lenders tend to gravitate toward a certain asset class over time and grow familiar with a local real estate market. Real estate investors and hard money lenders establish long term business relationships as investors know hard money is an important part of any real estate investor’s business plan.

How Are Hard Money Loans Calculated?

We use our own proprietary underwriting guidelines and review each loan based upon current equity and condition of the subject property as well as the down payment from the borrower. This is one of the primary reasons we can not only fund a transaction that a bank or traditional lender would not but the processing times are exceedingly fast and a 10 day approval is not uncommon. Please feel free to use our hard money loan calculator.

Where can I borrow hard money?

Our hard money loans Florida are primarily asset-based which means we place an emphasis more on the property and less so on the individual borrower. However, this doesn’t mean we ignore the credit profile of the borrower altogether. While we don’t require perfect credit we do like to see a history of responsible credit. While many hard money lenders ignore credit scores altogether we do not and evaluate credit scores as part of the overall approval process. The result is more competitive rates and fees compared to other hard money lenders.

The borrower can be a U.S. citizen but we also allow for foreign buyers when they need a bridge loan on an existing property in order to purchase yet another or the buyer wants to buy a property to a new purchase without the need of a bridge loan on another property.

Our loans designed for those who do not currently qualify for a conventional program for whatever reason as we consider hard money applications on a case-by-case basis. Typically, if there is sufficient verified equity in a transaction we can find a way to make it work.

General Guidelines in Florida

·        Investor seeking funds to start a business

·        Investor needing to pull out equity in the form of cash quickly

·        Foreign nationals needing financing to buy a property in the United States

·        Investor looking to finance new construction condo and falls out of conventional guidelines

·        Borrowers needing a temporary bridge loan to finance a second transaction

Our interest rates are extremely competitive compared to other lenders. While we won’t approve all requests we are proud of our hard money track record financing successful transactions.

Property Types

Hard money loans can be used to finance most any non-owner occupied property as long as the lender can document a solid exit strategy. What types of properties can be considered?

·        Single Family Homes

·        Condominiums

·        Townhomes and PUDs

·        Condo-tels

·        Multifamily Including Apartment Buildings

·        Office Buildings

·        Medical-Dental

·        Retail

Again, if the proposal makes sense and the lender sees the value in the project the subject property could be a candidate for a loan. Hard money loans can be difficult to locate for the beginning investor which is why many investors aren’t even aware of the advantages these loans provide much less how important a role they play in real estate. If you have such a scenario or you’d like more information about how hard money loans Miami work here in Miami, Florida or anywhere in Florida for that matter, please call when you have some time to explore hard money lending.