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We’re making mortgages simpler, faster and more accessible to all our borrowers. Our licensed mortgage professionals have decades of experience offering top-notch client service. In addition to the conventional and FHA loans, we provide solutions beyond traditional banking, offering a wide range of specialty mortgage products to help borrowers who do not fit traditional guidelines. Start online or call us today for your free consultation.

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Benefits of working with Florida Mortgage Broker:

  1. Lowest Rates – Compounding on the lower fees is of course what rates come at those fees. Since we are a smaller company with less overhead, we focus on the lowest rates.
  2. Lowest fees – Since Florida Mortgage Broker’s Compensation is regulated by law we have seen these fees come way down and benefit the borrowers.
  3. Knowledge – Brokers are usually more educated and experienced because of the strict licensing requirements and qualifications.
  4. Broker Hours vs Banker Hours – Our hours don’t end when the Bank closes, therefore we are here to help our clients at any time.
  5. Faster and Easier Process – A common misconception today is that a mortgage broker has no control over his business, but must rely on the actual lender to close the loan. We have competitors time and time again tell our clients if they want the loan closed then they better choose a banker.
  6. Smaller Company means Better Customer Service – Mortgage brokers have more time to work on a personal level. Bankers work in volume and do not have time to provide personal service.
  7. Wholesale Vs. Retail – Mortgage brokers sell wholesale, bankers sell retail.
  8. Ability to Shop – Brokers have various lenders in their portfolio, so they can effortlessly shop for you. Bankers cannot shop around and sometimes are unable to even get your loan approved.
  9. Full Disclosure – All Brokers must be completely transparent when disclosing the closing costs to the borrower, even including their compensation. Bankers Do Not, nor is it figured into the fees they show you.
  10. Licensing Qualifications – Brokers have many more laws to abide by and are more heavily licensed than Bankers.